Usman Siddiqui, the Managing Director of Equitable Financial Solutions (EFSOL), a Australian Islamic finance company, headquartered in Sydney, is today pleased to announce the establishment of the company’s Singapore office at 6 Battery Road. The Singapore branch, which is registered as EFSOL Asset Management, will play a key role in the Company’s regional strategy, positioning it at the forefront of a wave of expansion that will likely make it Australia’s fastest growing Islamic finance company. “This day marks a significant milestone in the development of the company, as we continue to grow organically and undertake foreign expansion,” said Usman.

John Isaacs who is the Director responsible for compliance and operations said, “We see Singapore as a key pivot-point and a launching-pad into the rest of the region and we’re confident this regional presence will become a crucial part of the business in its own right.”

EFSOL also announced the offering of its investment scheme, the EFSOL Income Fund, registered under the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a restricted Collective Investment Scheme. “The Income Fund was established as a vehicle to facilitate investments into the region and represents a significant opportunity for regional investors to capitalise on our profitability,” shared Hisham Fakhir, Director of Funds Management.

The new office which will be spearheaded by a Head of ASEAN Relationships and a team of three, will support the nascent Islamic market of Singapore.

“This expansion forms part of our long-term strategy to continue to raise funds from diverse geographic locations,” added Hisham. “By diversifying our funding sources, we are in fact further de-risking our asset portfolio in Australia.”

EFSOL was established in 2011 with the commitment to ethical and innovative financial services that are also inherently Shariah-compliant. The company has established a strong reputation in the industry by offering client-centric lending and investment products. The company’s visionary leaders and committed management team have continued to successfully deliver outstanding customer service coupled with innovative products.